Lab Members

Current Lab Members:


Sneha Suresh

I am a second year student at Rhodes College. Although I have not declared a major yet, my interest in Neuroscience led me to start working with Dr. Haberman in the Visual Cognition Lab my first semester at Rhodes. I’m currently working on a project with Swati that measures the precision of ensemble information with the absence of stimuli. In addition to working in the Visual Cognition Lab, I spend my time volunteering at St. Jude where I work the Happy Cart which gives the patients the opportunity to get toys and games. I’m also involved in the Food Recovery Network, a club that recovers excess food waste from dining halls and provides it to soup kitchens; GlobeMed, which aims to improve the lives of those in poverty; and Active Minds, a club that bring mental health awareness. I also enjoy photography in my free time. After graduating from Rhodes, I hope to work in the medical field either as a physician or a researcher.


Sam Thomasson

I am a Junior Neuroscience and Creative Writing double major. With an interest in visual cognition, I joined Dr. Haberman’s research team this fall. I also work in the Rhodes athletic department and am the Vice-President and a captain of the Rhodes Ultimate Frisbee Team. In my free time I like to write fiction and design board games. After graduating from Rhodes I plan to pursue a graduate degree in Neuroscience.



Yavin Alwis

I am a Sophomore at Rhodes College. I am currently undeclared, but I plan to major in both Neuroscience and Computer Science. This fall I am joining Dr. Haberman’s lab, which combines my academic interests by conducting neuroscience research through experiments coded in Matlab. I am also a peer tutor for the intro biology course. In my free time, I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee and piano. After graduating from Rhodes, I plan to attend medical school and become a physician or pursue an MD-PhD and continue doing neuroscience research.


Emma ZeeAbrahamsen

I’m a junior Neuroscience major and Philosophy minor. I really enjoy the different perspectives these two fields bring to questions of the mind, such as consciousness. I joined Dr. Haberman’s lab this past summer. I am currently working on a project that allows for a more precise assessment of ensemble representation abilities. I hope to start another project soon, focusing on eye tracking. I run Varsity Cross-Country in the fall semester and I run Varsity Track & Field in the spring semester. I am a long-distance runner and compete in events such as the 5K and 10K. In both cross-country and track we are defending SAA Conference Champions. I am an active member of Kappa Delta sorority where I hold a position in the Girl Scouts philanthropy committee. I also have an on campus job in the Athletics Building. When I am home in Atlanta, I babysit and also volunteer as a camp counselor for children with Type 1 Diabetes. After graduation, I plan to either attend nursing school to become a nurse practitioner or attend graduate school to continue neuroscience research.

Delaney McDonagh

I am currently a junior majoring in Neuroscience. I joined Dr. Haberman’s lab this past summer, with an interest in applying the concepts I have learned through my courses. I am a Rhodes Bonner Scholar and work with the Refugee Empowerment Program on English as a second language courses and reading comprehension for elementary students. I also intern at Lebonheur and Methodist University hospital. After graduating from Rhodes, I am hoping to attend medical school to become a physician.

Lab Alumni:


Chloe Burkhead, current Rhodes student


Ritika Mazumder, applying for medical school


Malerie McDowell, Research Assistant with Frank Tong, Vanderbilt University


Swati Pandita Ph.D. student, Human Computer Interactions, Cornell University


Hayden Schill, Research Assistant with Jeremy Wolfe, Harvard University








Lauren Ulrich, Physical Therapy Graduate Student, William Carey University